Friday, May 8, 2009

Jak's Up!

Seattle Mariners

Chris Jakubauskas

MLB Service: Rookie

Starting Pitcher

6'2"/ 215 lbs.

Bats: L Throws: R

Jakubauskas is a rookie with the Mariners making his MLB debut on April 8th of this year. His story is unlike any other because he was undrafted out of College and worked his way out of the indy leagues to get onto the Mariners Roster. After a half hearted retirement in 2006 Jak has been working his way through injuries and the minor leagues and finally gained a spot in the Mariners starting rotation.

If you care to read the story about Jak check it out here: Jakubauskas shows age not a factor

Monday, May 4, 2009

Good Miller of Corn Stubble

Central Michigan University

Rhett Goodmiller #7


Catcher/ Infielder

5'8"/ 172lbs

Bats: R Throws: R

Dale Cornstubble #6



5'11"/ 175lbs.

Bats: R Throws: R

Wow! Who knew that the MAC was the cradle of Crazy Named Platoons as well as the Cradle of Coaches. Last week we featured the combo from the University of Toledo now we feature the catching combo for Central Michigan.

This catching platoon of Goodmiller and Cornstubble are batting .261 and .269 respectively. It seems that Cornstubble gets the majority of playing time and that Goodmiller plays elsewhere. Goodmiller has 2 HR with 23 Rbi and a slugging percentage of .373. While his counterpart Cornstubble has 4 HR with 24 Rbi and a slugging percentage of .400. They both have led their team to a 21-25 record and 9-12 in the MAC. Not good. But they both have shown promise for their team locking down the catching position for the future.

We salute not only the MAC but Central Michigan as the Cradle of Crazy Sports Names. We know that in the central part of the Country and the Central part of Michigan there are a ton of Goodmillers grinding up Cornstubble to make raise our steak dinners.

Thanks, the CSN Bloggers love the beef (& Crazy Sports Names) keep it coming.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hammer Cola?

University of Toledo Rockets

Ben Hammer



6'1/ 188lbs

Bats: L Throws: L

Yes this is another Toledo Rocket. Yes, this guy is a teammate of Jeff Cola. Wow, what a great combo, Hammer and Cola! Sure beats Sander Beck! That's what I'm talking about with a tool name. Bring the Hammer! No wimpy sander!

Ben Hammer gets about the same playing time as Cola in the outfield. It actually seems they do a sort of platoon. He's batting .308 with 9 doubles and 13 RBI. Not bad again for a freshman. He was rated the 23rd best prospect coming out of High School. Unlike his platoon mate he was involved in a lot more in high school lettering in Football, Baseball, and Basketball. He was also a part of the National Honor Society and he plans on majoring in health and exercise science.

We here at the CSN Blog look forward to seeing the progress of this nice platoon of Crazy Names go forward at the University of Toledo. The name combos make for fun around the CSN Blog Office. Keep up the good work Hammer Cola, We LOVE IT!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beau Chi MIN.

That is how I thought his name was pronounced something reminiscent of perhaps some great Chinese leader of old. but was a way off. Francois Beauchemin (frahn-SWUH, boh-sheh-MEH) today's entry for CSN appeared in only 20 games this season for the Ducks. Due to a torn left ACL. (he did play over 150 the past 2 season for the ducks.) At the time of his injury he was 4th in the league in Goals Scored Among Defense-men.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Its the Real Thing!

Toledo Rockets

Jeff Cola #16



6'0"/ 175lbs.

Bats: L Throws: R

Always refreshing, always makes you smile, its always Jeff "Coca" Cola. Jeff is a freshman on the Rockets team that is just 2 games under .500. For his first season he is batting .340 with 7 RBI. Not bad for a freshman. He's played in 20 games this season and has started 13 of those games. He's stole 2 bases in 3 attempts. He was rated the 65th best prospect in the State of Ohio coming out of high school where his hobbies included all things D.A.R.E. Wow. What a great club to be apart of. I don't know about you but the last time I took D.A.R.E. was in middle school. Makes you wonder if Mr. Cola is the Real Thing?

Coca-Cola has unveiled their new slogan to the public and its "Open Happiness" maybe that's why Jeff Cola was a part of D.A.R.E. because he opened too much Happiness.

We here at the CSN Blog hope that's not the case but we know that Jeff Cola is the real thing.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Miami of Ohio Redhawks

(No Image Available)
Chris Gutschenritter #36

Sophomore (walk-on)


6'1"/190 lbs.

Bats: L Throws: L

Not much to talk about with this guy. He's a walk on at a MAC school from Atlanta, GA. He actually has no statistics for this year or last year. Apparently, this guy just rides the pine and comes to practices.

The only thing that his bio says about him on the team's site is that he threw a no-hitter in High School in 2007. He was also named one of Baseball America's Top 300 players. Which makes you wonder why is he not playing at Miami of Ohio?

Sorry Goot your name and name alone justified a mention on the CSN Blog but dude c'mon at least try and get in a game at a MAC school.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Tea and Crumpets

Taking a break from the College names to give you a spectacular MLB name.

Texas Rangers
Taylor Teagarden #2


Rookie (First Full Year)

6'1"/ 200 lbs.

Bats: R Throws: R

Taylor Teagarden is a one of the talented catchers for the Texas Rangers along with Jarrod Saltalamaccia. For all intensive purposes Teagarden is the back up to Salty. And his numbers show why this is so. Currently he is batting .067 with 1 hit and 1RBI. I guess he needs to adjust to the pitching in the majors. Last year he got in 16 games and batted .319 with 6HR and 17RBI. I know that Texas is high on both Salty and Teagarden. That they thought about trading one of them in the offseason. But nothing materialized out of any deals offered.

Teagarden will have to pick it up or else he'll be with the queen sipping on tea and eating crumpets. We here at the CSN Blog want to see him succeed so we can see that wonderful NOB (Name on Back) more.